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An introduction to my seasonal blog - planting seeds in spring for a more joyful and energized you 🌞

Updated: Mar 3

Welcome dear reader to the first blog in my upcoming series "planting seeds in spring"

The purpose of this blog is to empower you with the information and tools necessary to bring deep renewal and health this upcoming spring season.

When i first enrolled in my holistic nutrition program I did so from a place of desperation at my unknowing. I simply did not know how to be well. Growing up extremely poor and constantly moving from place to place had set the tone for a dysregulated and deeply traumatized nervous system. Nourishment and creativity simply cannot be the priority when struggling to survive needs as much attention as it did. Reflecting back, i spent most of my time in a freeze or fawn response. Deeply disconnected from the inner messages of my body - I simply didn't know how to cope. My body may have been screaming at me, but I lacked the language to listen to her. All I knew was trudge on, move forward, do what you can to get by. I have grown to be deeply grateful for the lessons this type of life has given me - call it street smarts if you will. But at the time, not following in the footsteps of the people around me was all I was certain I needed to accomplish. And that's when the journey began. I had dabbled in the desire to learn for a few years before I felt truly ready. had multiple pamphlets sent to my home. But in 2021 I took the plunge. After enrolling I lost my job in the middle of the pandemic, practiced sobriety, moved back to BC to be with my family, and the healing begun. But that's a story for another day. For now, let me share with you the tools and practices that help the sun shine inside of me. As it can inside of you.

Now, to start, I don't subscribe to the notion that new years happens in January. The earth is cold, she is dark, some might call her barren. New seeds of intention simply cannot grow in these conditions. Instead, I wait for the hope of spring. For the promise of renewal, of sun, of rain. The animals are nurturing new babes into existence just as we may nurture new ideas and habits forth.

This is why i created this blog - consider it a new chapter. A fresh start. A blossoming of ideas started with the sewing of your first wildflower seed.

Now lets stretch off the dust like our dear black bear and come alive! throughout this series we will cover:

  • Your daily sun & water: nutritional foundations for vibrant energy and robust mental and emotional health

  • Healthy soil and planting: The importance of a healthy gut lining and the microbial seeds we plant in it. Weeds vs flowers - what happens when the bad bacteria take over?

  • Say no to chemical fertilizers but still keep the pests at bay: How to reduce your toxic load for happier hormones. Lets reduce the hidden toxins wreaking havoc on your hormones and your happiness.

  • Staying rooted during any weather: how a strong nervous system improves vitality, mood, and sleep.

  • Appreciating the flower that you are: how understanding the self and a desire to move towards self love is at the core of it all. The resources I used to understand myself and how learning about my menstrual cycle brought great change.

The first blog will appear fresh in your inbox on March 19 - Spring equinox! Be sure to sign up via email to get notified for each new blog post. The subscribe form can be found at the bottom of this page.




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